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Lumber Carpet

21” Lumber Scratch Post With Commercial Carpet


+ Designed & Manufactured in Canada

+ Thick Practical Board Base

+ Commercial Grade Carpet

+ Thick Solid Wood Post

+ Safe Industrial Finishing Sealers Used

+ Stability 10/10


Brand: Barkley5430

Model: SSPL-CC

Height: 21”

Base: 16.5”x 16” x 1”

Carpet Post: 20” x 8.5” x 1.5”

Scratch Area: 13.5” x 9.5”

Carpet: Commercial Grade

Post Wood: Lumber

Base Wood: Particle Board

Product weight: 10 lbs


Very basic but very elegant natural looking scratch post. The post is natural stained lumber, the base is Practical board covered in commercial carpet, the post is wrapped in commercial grade carpet with heavy duty edging.

Manufactured with: High quality practical board wood base covered in commercial grade carpet, Solid wood post is wrapped in commercial grade carpet, metal hardware components. Includes assembly instructions and hardware. Assembly time: 5 min.


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MSRP: $ 99.99

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Price: $ 79.99


Delivery Time 2 - 7 Business Days

Ship via Canada Post

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Barkley5430 - Scratch Posts

All Barkley5430 products are designed & manufactured in Canada

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