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This Halifax cat tree condo has it all, great for a multi cat family or just one very spoiled one, this tree consists of numerous square and rectangular platforms. It includes two condos that can be found on the second and third level as well as three perches for lounging. Long scratching posts link all the platforms together, making this ideal for small and medium cats whom love to scratch, climb, hide and sleep. Manufactured with: high quality ¾ pressed board, soft faux fur, natural ¼ sisal rope, wood glue and metal hardware for easy assembly. Included are step by step assembly instructions, all the hardware and tools. Assembly time: 45 min


SALE $169.99 MSRP $249.99


Delivery Time 2-7 Business Days, CPC, UPS, CanPar



Model: SBE 2025D - Mocha

Overall:  H 71”x W 32”x D 32”

Height: 71”

Width: 32”

Depth: 32”

Base: 24”x 20”

Upper Condo: 12” x 12” x 10”

Lower Condo: 19” x 12” x 10”

Perch: 3 x 14” Square padded edges

Post Diameter: 2.75”

Materials: MDF, Pressed Board, Faux Fur, Sisal Rope

Stability: 8/10

Weight Capacity: 80 Lbs

Product Weight: 55 Lbs

Shipping Box: 26” x 20” x 15

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Kirsten. R

I bought the Halifax cat tree from you guys and I am beyond satisfied, this tree is way bigger than I was expecting and super sturdy. My cat is in love with the top platforms, he sleeps on the very top one every day. I’m also very pleased with the toy that are hanging on the tree as he hasn’t been able to rip them off like he has been able to do with other cat trees in the past. Thank you!

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