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This Kitchener cat tree condo has it all, great for a multi cat family or just one very spoiled one, this tree consists of numerous square and rectangular platforms. It includes two condos that can be found on the second and third level as well as three perches for lounging. Long scratching posts link all the platforms together, making this ideal for larger cats whom love to scratch, climb, hide and sleep. Manufactured with: high quality ¾ pressed board, soft faux fur, natural ¼ sisal rope, wood glue and metal hardware for easy assembly. Included are step by step assembly instructions, all the hardware and tools. Assembly time: 45 min

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Well Loved - Kalla. B * * * * *

Just want to thank you for selling a great product at an amazing price. Mine is over 5 years old and as you can see well loved! Definitely time for a new one!

Love is I m so Happy I got it - Jess. D * * * * *

I bought the Kitchener Cat Tree a little over a month ago as a birthday present to myself. The shipping was very fast as I only live near Windsor, and the assembly time was pretty quick with another person helping. My cats (around 5 and 4 months) LOVE it! I’m so happy I got it. They were especially obsessed with the dangling mouse toy. What I didn’t consider is that it’s also a possible hanging hazard... thankfully this morning my family were around when my little girl got her tail caught in the string, had it stretched to its max and was hanging there. They quickly ripped it from the tree and her tail was fine, but I can’t help to think what would have happened if no one was around - what if it was her neck instead? This is not to persuade anyone not to buy this tree - it’s the best purchase I’ve made in a while - but please be cautious when it comes to that dangly mouse the kitties love! PS. the pictures don’t do the tree justice, I’m living through house renovations so it’s a mess in here. lol

Thank you again for a quality product… - Richelle S * * * * *

Thank you so much! We now have The Kitchener  Best money I have ever spent on these spoiled brats! Lol. I will never buy another cat tree anywhere else. Thank you again for a quality product.. its a nice change these days. The boys thank you too! Richelle (Cat Momma), Ripley, Leroy & Frankie

This product is excellent! - Janice * * * * *

This product is excellent! My cats love it, I've had it for about 2 years now and I will definitely be purchasing from this company again when I want to replace it. It was easy to assemble, the shipping was fast (and free!), and the price is very reasonable.

Highly recommend this if you are looking for a solid tree - Carla. F * * * * *

Beautiful piece of furniture. Took me a half hour to put together. Cats were all over it before it was done. Highly recommend this if you are looking for a solid tree for your cats!

Littlewhiskers delivers a quality product - Greg Simon * * * * *

Purchased this one after returning a Go Pet Club tree back to amazon, they almost looked identical but the quality in the amazon model was not even close to this one from littlewhiskers, from what I have experienced Littlewhiskers delivers a quality product.


We are so impressed! - Linda * * * * *

We are so impressed! With 3 adult cats, I was prepared to be satisfied if even 1 of them took to this toy. Two of them love it, and the third claims seniority occasionally. That's very good! My son easily put it together by himself with a minimum of swear words and problems. It seems to be sturdy, certainly up to the abuse the cats will dish out. They love the sisal roping on the posts. All 3 cats occasionally use the upper perches for stalking and sleeping. We received this promptly and with no shipping charges.

Exceeded my expectations - Hugh. M * * * * *

The 70" Kitchener Cat Tree is phenomenal! This was my first purchase from Littlewhiskers, and the outcome far exceeded my expectations. The cost, shipping time, ease of assembly, and overall quality of the product were all superior to anything I've experienced with other online retailers. This cat tree has it all, and my cats are obsessed with it. It's QUICK & EASY to assemble with precise and concise step-by-step pictographic instructions. It's sturdy, so I can rest easy knowing that my cats are safe while using it. The surface material is extremely soft and plush, so I know my cats are comfortable, and each of the 10 scratching-post pillars is extremely durable so my cats can focus their destructive tendencies there and not on my furniture. The best part is that this cat tree is HUGE, but it's designed to take up very little floor space. That's a big convenience for any home. If you're in the market for an amazing cat tree, you've found it!

whole-heartedly recommend this product - Martha. T * * * * *

The large box arrived as promised, and it took no time at all to put the cat tree together. After an initial moment of hesitation and suspicion, both our cats started to explore this exciting addition in their lives. And before we knew it, they inhabited the "condo" units, upstairs and downstairs. Having checked with them now, prior to typing this review, they continue to be absolutely thrilled and happy with their gift. It brings new exercises and sleeping options that they both love. Thank you! The tree is very well made, soft and pleasant to look at, with several of the vertical pillars wrapped in rope - perfect scratching posts. I can whole-heartedly recommend this product.

I love it and so do they!! Can't beat the price - Randy * * * * *

The best cat stand!! My two, full grown, at least 15 pounds each, love this cat tree! They climb all over, play with each other from tier to tier and keep them selves busy while I work. I work from home, and they constantly bothered me while I was at the computer. I put this at the window behind me and now they would rather play or sleep on it than bother me! Very sturdy. As they are big boys, jumping all over it, we need to tighten the screws every few months. I love it and so do they!! Can't beat the price

THIS WAS THE BEST BUY EVER!! - Kimberly  * * * * *

THIS WAS THE BEST BUY EVER!! My cat loves his new Cat Tree! After twenty five minutes of assembly time, my Clifford was jumping, and actively navigating through his three tiered Fun-Land!! Clifford is a seventeen pound climber; so I was in need of a solid structure he would actually use at an affordable price. Littlewhiskers came to the rescue! This structure is not only affordable, but aesthetically appealing in my home! It's solid structure rests on carpet, and if Clifford hasn't knocked it down, nothing will! I love the faux fur that covers the entire structure, for Clifford is very comfortable. To the representatives of Littlewhiskers that made my little kitty the happiest kitty on the planet....THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! My order was processed and at my front door in a week!! There is no question I will return to this site for all of my cat tree needs.

All 3 of my cats absolutely love this! - Eleanor * * * * *

All 3 of my cats absolutely love this! (A 7 lb 3 year old, 11 pound 2 year old, and a 3 or 4 lb 3 onto old) they were on it before we even had it put together! Super easy to assemble. Took 40 to 45 minutes max. Love the mocha color! My main worry was the higher areas wobbling because my fat girl wobbles on the other one we have and it's alot shorter. She climbed right on to the top and it is very sturdy!!! Very pleased!!

Sturdy even for my large cat - Judy. V * * * * *

This is the first cat tree I have bought. Pleasantly surprised at how well it was constructed and how easy it was to put it together. Did it by myself with no help. The colors are true to the picture and is quite sturdy even for my large cat. Great value for the money.

My cats love it, it was easy to assemble and really good quality! - April * * * * *

We had been looking for a new cat tree for our cats for a long time as their old one from the pet store was falling apart and not really big enough for them to share (they always fought over the top bed). When I found Little Whiskers I couldn't believe the prices, free shipping too! This model is twice the size as our old tree and cost half the price...and bonus there are three beds at the top so the cats don't have to fight over the “best spot” now! My cats love it, it was easy to assemble and really good quality!

The Kitchener cat tree is perfect! - Amy Palmer * * * * *

I have a very large cat, 14 pounds, and I was concerned about finding a cat tree big enough for her. The Kitchener cat tree is perfect! She fits perfectly in the top perches and can fit in large condo on the bottom and in the small condo on the top. It is very sturdy and barely even shakes when she jumps off. The price is great, and it arrived within 5 days. She loves it, and uses it daily!

Product met and exceeded expectations as well as your service - Costa * * * * *

Just quickly wanted to say thank you for your emails regarding shipping to insure it was on time and painless. I was hesitant about spending this much on a cat stand, not sure what I was really getting but your product met and exceeded expectations as well as your service. So happy to support a Canadian business. Have a great day!!

Extremely pleased, and glad to purchase within Canada - Ashley * * * * *

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the product. As you can see, all three of our cats couldn't even wait for it to be built before climbing on and into it! Extremely pleased, and glad to purchase within Canada. Thank you!     View - Macaroni , Boobie, Snickers

cats love it. Very sturdy and looks great - Shelly * * * * *

Just received this cat tree in record time. Put it together very easily, and cats love it. Very sturdy and looks great. Will definitely be telling all my friends about this product. May even get another for the basement.

I will recommend Little Whiskers to friends and family - Rachel * * * * *

So pleased with this product. I don't like ordering online, so I was happy to be able to drop by on Saturday to make a selection. I have two kittens (3 months old) and they love this cat condo! There's plenty of space for both of them, though they do enjoy sharing one of the perches together. I will recommend Little Whiskers to friends and family. Thank you very much!

strong and way more sturdy than you would think - Lance * * * * *

Great cat post, my felines took to it before it was out of the box, strong and way more sturdy than you would think, the carpets a little thin but really soft for bedding,the posts are strong and wrapped well (rope is secured). I put washers on all the bolts(not included)to increase how much I could tighten them as I feared they would pull through. You will not find a better post for the price that they are asking. my cats and I thank you for making it easy to get them all the things they need (: PS shipping was fast and on time... and I live in B.C.

Ernest was all over it before we even had it fully assembled! - Devin. D * * * * *

We are so happy that we found Little Whiskers! A friend suggested the company so we decided to check it out. We are very pleased with both the quality and the price of the Kitchener tree. Our cat Ernest was all over it before we even had it fully assembled! We know it is going to bring him hours of enjoyment and that is the most important thing. We are definitely going to be recommending Little Whiskers trees to our friends and families!

This is definitely the cats meow! - Michele * * * * *

This is definitely the cats meow! Fast delivery, great quality and easy to put together. I'm so pleased with my purchase from little whiskers that I'm already considering purchasing another cat tree from them. I posted a pic on my Facebook and I've had several friends ask where I purchased this at.

I am extremely impressed with this company - Christina. C * * * * *

Ok I usually don't write reviews, even though I read lots. I have to say that I am extremely impressed with this company. I liked the prices and I liked the layouts but settled on the Kitchener. I paid with PayPal and literally 6 minutes later I had a tracking number and the next day it was sent out. 9 days later, the tree was here. It took my 13 year old 45 minutes to build it. Awesome quality. The carpet is so soft. My cat is so in love with the tree it's fun to watch. I'm really impressed and will be a repeat customer.

Outstanding product, outstanding service!!! - Jennifer * * * * *

I heard of Little Whiskers through their involvement with, a non-profit devoted to helping feral and stray cats. Getting a tree of this size in a local shop would easily cost twice, maybe three times the price i paid online. There were some delivery issues (Canada Post's fault), but when i got the tree, i set it up myself with no trouble at all. Easier to do than Ikea products! The tree itself is very sturdy and looks great. We have two large cats and one normal cat and they love it (although the hanging mouse on one of the platforms was gone in about 4 hours, lol). Little Whiskers even gave me some money back, as they received a refund from Canada Post due to their poor service. Outstanding product, outstanding service!!! Won't hesitate to order again and will refer anyone i know to you. A Canadian company to boot! Thank you.

Service was excellent - Shauna. R * * * * *

The website is impressive and customer service was excellent. We purchased the Kitchener in Mocha. It was easy to put together, great quality, and a great price! And our kitties love it! We highly recommend LittleWhiskers.

100000% satisfied humans and cats - Natalie * * * * *

Wow this was exactly what I was hoping for. It took some convincing on my husband for me to buy this cat tree but once we received it we were both really happy. My one kitty is a big boy he's maine-coon so we were concerned about him being able to fit comfortably and that it wouldn't shake while he's on the top platforms. It is perfect! He hangs out up there all day and really loves it! 100000% satisfied humans and cats.

The younger kitties just love it - Tara * * * * *

It went together easily in about an hour. The younger kitties just love it. Pros: sturdy, durable, looks nice. Blends with my decor. The cats really love it.

The product is great - Caroline. T * * * * *

Although the hanging mouse did not last more time than it took my cats to notice it, the product is great. They seemed really excited and constantly battle for king of the hill on the top pedestal. Now that they are above everything they truly feel as if they are ruler of all they see!

Happily surprised at the quality of the product - Jennet. A * * * * *

We ordered this cat tree after our old one finally collapsed. We have bought used ones from Kijiji and have been pretty satisfied. This was a new one, however, that was competitively priced with used ones we found! We did have to put it together, but it was a very easy job. My husband and I were happily surprised at the quality of the product as well as the ease to put it together. We will look to Littlewhiskers first when we need something.

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70” Kitchener Cat Tree Condo Mocha

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