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62” Ottawa Cat Tree Condo Beige  

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This lovely neutral beige colored Ottawa cat tree will fit into any room in your home. With a high resting platform it will provide a great view for your cat. This tree includes a small ladder, hammock, three platforms and a round condo, An open tubular area provides a hiding spot for playing cats. When it is time for rest, a padded little nest off to the side of the tower is the perfect spot to curl up for a nap. Manufactured with: high quality ¾ pressed board, soft faux fur, natural ¼ sisal rope, wood glue and metal hardware for easy assembly. Included are step by step assembly instructions, all hardware and tools. Assembly time: 35 min      

| 17 Reviews |

Excellent product & very nice Customer Service - Kim M * * * * *

Thrilled with my purchase! Colour is very neutral and I love it! Shipping was soo fast, it surprised me. Was here in 2 day's, no hiccups. I found if I studied the instructions too closely, I was getting mixed just did what another reviewer suggested. Got pics from site, stood back and looked at product, looked at instructions and just started into it! Common sense prevailed and before I knew what happened it all started to go together perfectly!! Way easier than I expected. Now I chuckle at how over complicated I was thinking it. My kitties were wary at first, so plunked them on a few times, to let them feel how solid it was. One loves the crow's nest and one prefers the " lazy level ", my term for biggest panel to lay out on. With time I'm sure they will never leave it much. This morning I found both lounging on kitty tree together, watching and waiting for the birdies to wake up, as it was still dark out! happy with the Ottawa cat tree, I may get another for in front of the balcony doors! As it is in front of tiny window in tiny dining area, where there will only be a valance hanging soon, where as balcony doors will have drapes covering them. Not as open like where it's placed now! Quality quality, and QUALITY. So happy I ordered from here, instead of getting pet store one, which according to my cat friends, are hard to find in Niagara Falls area. A few questions about details were answered promptly with a call from nice gentleman who assured me the part was not needed, rather shipped for other styles that leave regularly. Ty Little have my business and will pass the word! Excellent product and very nice customer service!

Best Regards,

Love my kitties!! P.S. I positioned my she'll nest closer, as well as turned the crow's nest closer to platform to make my older baby feel more comfortable. You can customize it to your feeling for your babies. Just remember not to fully tighten untill your sure!

Truly happy with the product - Randi W * * * * *

Just wanted to send a quick note to say that I placed my order last Monday in the evening MST from Calgary and received a shipping notification right away. Box arrived today and I just put the car tree together. It’s great! Easier to assemble than Ikea furniture! Not kidding, I didn’t swear once, it was super simple- when I had to go back and fix something it was because I was just being me and missed a detail. In the end, every piece is exactly where it should be and it not only looks great but is sturdy and seems super durable. When I had been looking at a couple of the major chain pet stores, I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money for something that my 6 month old catto Olive could probably claw up in a few months. I’m grateful I found your website. I don’t ever write reviews, this may be my first. But I’m truly happy with the product.

So happy that I ordered from Littlewhiskers - Stacy. R * * * * *

I bought this for my one, yes one cat. He seems to get bored really easily and that turns into him climbing on things and knocking very breakable things over. He is still getting the hang of it's massive size and different levels but seems to be getting there. It came in a box that was heavy but manageable and when I got everything out, it took about 35 minutes to put together. It was simple and the instructions were very easily understood. So happy that I ordered from Littlewhiskers and will be recommending it to friends and family!

The tree was super fun and easy to put together and is very sturdy - Victoria * * * * *

When I first bought this cat tree, I wasn't sure how my two cats would respond. My little girl will sit on the very top perch for hours on end. It's her favorite place in the house! My boy cat loves to sit in the cave and they both love sitting together in the "shell" as we like to call it. I wish they would use the underneath hammock, but they love all aspects of the rest of the unit so I can't complain at all! They love to scratch the poles and chase each other through all of the holes. The tree was super fun and easy to put together and is very sturdy.

It is very stable - Natalie * * * * *

This Ottawa Cat Tree is solid, sturdy,well balanced and pleasing to the eye. My cat loves it, He watched the assembly process from start to finish, and as soon as it was complete, he was exploring every level. His favorite spot is the very top perch. He has a great view out of the window! I am particularly pleased with the sturdiness of this cat tree. My cat is rather large and very buff so his previous cat tree would wobble extensively when he'd jump from perch to perch...Not this one. It is very stable. I am glad I purchased this cat tree for "Skippy". He's very happy with it, too.

Came with everything you need to put it together - Skylar. V * * * * *

Assembly took 25 min with no help. Came with everything you need to put it together. To make sure I was making it look right, I pulled up the Internet picture even though the directions are fairly simply. All three cats took to it immediately and are having a blast with their new area. Material is super soft. They love all the scratching posts. Definitely enough room for three cats.

Such a good find - Janice  * * * * *

Fast service, great buy, easy to put together, takes a few minutes and easy instructions to follow. The cats LOVE it. Such a good find. Thank you so much for this, my kitties LOVE it.

A better cat tree from a place in the US that we bought one at - Tim Spicer * * * * *

Our cat tree just arrived. Solid construction! Fast delivery! A better cat tree from a place in the US that we bought one at. We returned it because the bolts were stripped and, was not like the picture looked like, eh? It goes well with our Toronto tree that we bought some time ago.

Loves the scratch posts and floor holes to sneak up/down - Trishka * * * * *

Happy customers; thanks Little Whiskers! Great variety for cat play, hanging out or snoozing. I had just put the condo on the 2nd level and Little Gerry Adams was already comfortably curled inside. Loves the scratch posts and floor holes to sneak up/down to next level. Easy to put together and quick delivery. Received it within a week (ordered Sun eve and Canada Post here Thurs aft; maybe leave them a note, though, since they didn't leave box on my porch when I wasn't yet home so had to go to postal stn the next day to pick up). Note: Measurement for base is 24" x 16", but to account for the ladder, it is more accurate to say 24" x 25" for the ladder's lean.

Recommended to anyone who loves to spoil their cats!!!!! - Ava * * * * *

We bought this cat tree which we had received in 2 days, it was easy to put together as well as very sturdy as our kitten runs up and down all the time. Scratching polls work great as well as platforms she loves to sleep in. recommended to anyone who loves to spoil their cats!!!!! Thanks Little Whiskers!!!

The quality is spectacular for an amazing price - Camila * * * * *

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have bought the Ottawa cat tree! I received it extremely fast, and the quality is spectacular for an amazing price. My cat Uraeus is not leaving it, since the second i build it she is all the time on it, mostly at the top level !!!

The kitties love it - Liz. C * * * * *

I ordered the Ottawa tree on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday. It is well made and easy to put together. I searched pet stores for a tree and found them to be expensive, poorly designed and not very sturdy. A friend suggested little whiskers and I was impressed with the variety of trees, the prices and the reviews. The hardest part was choosing. The kitties love it. The 5 month old kitten was in the round bed before my husband even finished putting it together.

kitten loves every part of it -  Ashley * * * * *

The tree was very easy to put together and arrived at my house within days of ordering - which was great!! The only issue I had was that the color is actually more of a pinky/peach color than beige. I wish it was actually beige in color, but it did still go with my decor. My older cat was not too interested in the tree but my new kitten loves every part of it.

I received my order quickly, and set up was a breeze - Diana. C , Calgary AB * * * * *

I wanted to tell you that you make a great product at a reasonable cost. I received my order quickly, and set up was a breeze and I had it up in about 20 minutes. My cats love your product and so do I. Great job! A very happy customer!!! I will recommended you to my friends.

It's beautiful and sturdy and going to provide my cats with a lot of activity! - Anne. T * * * * *

I ordered the Ottawa cat tree on Monday morning and it arrived 4 days later. It was so easy to set up and we could barely get it put up because our 2 cats where climbing all over it! Once we got finished (about 20 minutes) and placed it in it's new spot, our cats were all over it. One of them has already made himself comfy in the little 'scoop' that hangs out from the pole. It's beautiful and sturdy and going to provide my cats with a lot of activity! Thank you so much. :)

My 2 cats are in love with this tree! - Wendy. S * * * * *

My 2 cats are in love with this tree! I had 1 supervisor and 1 safety inspector “ helping ” me put it up and even then it took me (NOT a handy person) less than 45 minutes to get it all put together. Very sturdy and well made. The color is not a true beige..a little peachy, but still fits well with my decor. Totally thrilled and recommending Little Whiskers to every cat lover I know!! As an added bonus, Canada Post misdirected my parcel initially, so I had to contact Little Whiskers and their customer service is second to none!! Thanks folks!!

Extremely satisfied with the product & customer service  - Shannon. G * * * * *

Extremely satisfied with the product and customer service received. Initially package was delayed due to damaged shipping label but Little Whiskers contacted the courier and the issue was resolved immediately and I received the cat tree only a day late from my expected delivery date. I even received a call from Little Whiskers checking to see if the package arrived. I'm very pleased with the cat trees, how quick I received my item and the friendly helpful customer service. My cat already is using the cat tree. He loves sleeping in the circular hammock. Thanks Little Whiskers for amazing quality cat trees!

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