This Toronto cat tree condo has it all, great for a multi cat family or just one very spoiled one, this tree consists of numerous square and rectangular platforms. It includes two condos that can be found on the second and third level as well as three perches for lounging. Long scratching posts link all the platforms together, making this ideal for larger cats whom love to scratch, climb, hide and sleep.  Manufactured with: high quality ¾ pressed board, soft faux fur, natural ¼ sisal rope, wood glue and metal hardware for easy assembly. Included are step by step assembly instructions, all the hardware and tools. Assembly time: 45 min

SALE $219.99 MSRP $269.99


Delivery Time 2-7 Business Days, CPC, UPS, CanPar




Model: SBE 2025 - Beige

Overall:  H 70”x W 32”x D 32”

Height: 70”

Width: 32”

Depth: 32”

Base: 24”x 20”

Upper Condo: 12” x 12” x 10”

Lower Condo: 19” x 12” x 10”

Perch: 3 x 14” Square padded edges

Post Diameter: 3”

Materials: MDF, Pressed Board, Faux Fur, Sisal Rope

Stability: 9/10

Weight Capacity: 120 Lbs

Product Weight: 60 Lbs

Shipping Box: 26” x 20” x 15

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Barkley 5430

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We decided on a whim this past weekend to order a cat tree for our little condo cat. After reviewing a number of options and websites, we chose Little Whiskers based on the favourable reviews and the fact that it is a Canadian company. We couldn't have made a better choice!

We placed our order on Easter Sunday, and excitedly received a giant box on the following Tuesday at lunch time, less than two days after ordering! We were able to assemble the whole tree within 30 minutes. The instructions were super easy to follow, and it came together in a snap.

By the end of the day our little Kira was eagerly exploring her new tower. The materials are excellent quality, and the tower is very stable and sturdy. And bonus: the tower matches our cat purrfectly! We're beyond pleased!

Maria. P

I just wanted to let you know that we received our Toronto cat tree a couple of weeks ago. This is our second Toronto cat tree as my 3 cats loved the first one so much that it simply looked worn out & ratty! This particular model has so many perches for all 3 cats to “hang out” & watch the birds from our back window that it is their favorite spot in the house! And we’re happy to have the cats use the scratching posts on this tree instead of causing damage elsewhere in the house! Your prices can’t be beat & your customer service is second to none! Our kitty family thanks you!

Trudy. S

Our fur babies thank you for one of your amazing scratching tree. They were checking it out while, I was trying to put it together. Now that it's up they are always using it. We will definitely be back.

Cynthia. T

So happy with our purchase and so are our babies. Check them out!

Very sturdy and easy to put together!!! - Janet Grasley

Bought the Toronto cat tree. My cats absolutely love it!! Very sturdy and easy to put together!!!

Very friendly fast service. I definitely would recommend LittleWhiskers. Seana. F

We're incredibly happy with our order. A good looking and sturdy tree at a very reasonable price. The cats seem to really like it, which makes spoiling them worth it. :) Very friendly service and fast. I definitely would recommend Little Whiskers to others.

Very happy with it - Kandra. D

Very happy with it, and so are the 3 cats. Had no problems putting it together. The directions were very easy to follow. The cats even supervised me as it was going together. The cats thoroughly enjoy it, and took to it right away. I set next to the older one that they still use, they have a kitty cat gymnasium.

All this and free shipping too!! - Kimberly. H

When our last tree finally fell apart, we went for this "Toronto" model (at the cats insistence). Shipped very fast, and very well protected. Hubby assembled it with no problems...said all parts were there and everything lined up nicely. Had several feline supervisors who felt he was slacking a bit, but they let him off with just a warning. Very sturdy post fit great in the corner of the living room, out of our way but plenty of space for the cats to play. Nice looking, too, with soft, neutral, easy on the eye colors. Within five minutes of completion, six cats were climbing on it choosing their favorite future napping spots. This is a great product for a single cat home, or a multi like ours. Very happy with purchase, and the cats give it two paws up. All this and free shipping too!!

Cats Love It, They really love it! - Daniella

Cats Love It. A Christmas present for my cats. They really love it! Instructions could have been better, but overall it's a good value for the price. Nice, sturdy and big. As you can see from the pictures, they have found a new sleeping spot.

Very sturdy - Darren

Quite large but my cat loves it! Easy to assemble. I would suggest mark off the overall size on the floor to see if it is the right size for you . I have a 23 x 13 living room so the size is perfect. The first night Mittens just walked around it. I sprinkled catnip on the perches and in the houses and now she is all over it. My cat is 18 lbs but there is no movement -- very sturdy.

VERY large piece of furniture - Taylor. E

I bought this to replace an old, smelly cat tree my cats had had forever. It came knocked down in one large box, but it was SUPER easy to assemble. The directions were clear and the parts were easy to identify. It took about an hour, and I had no help. This piece of furniture is VERY tall. My cats are actually afraid of the beds on pedastals - I actually removed one of the pedastals and put the bed down on the L-shaped 3rd "floor" of the tree. Now one of my cats will sleep in it. it also is less overpowering in my living room - it is a VERY large piece of furniture. The upholstry is not carpet - it is a soft plush fabric. The beds on the pedastals are a big, so if you have a very large cat, the beds will work. My very large tom cat was scared of falling out of the bed for quite some time until he adjusted the way he curled himself up. Overall, this was a great purchase - a LOT of cat tree for your money! Pros: easy assembly, good size, great value, lots of options for cats, pedastals are somewhat adjustable Cons: Is VERY large - can be overpowering in a small room.

Your customer service is truly one of a kind! - Maria Popowich

Wow! Thank you SO very much! Your customer service is truly one of a kind! I am so happy to find a company that values their clients & honors the integrity of their products! Your cat trees are amazing, very well made & have made my cats very happy (See picture attached) but your customer service will keep me coming back for more products in the future & I'll be sure to continue sharing your company name with all my cat loving friends! Thank you as well for your quick response! Have a wonderful day.

My cat Bella is in love with this tree - Chris

My cat Bella is in love with this tree. She sits up on her perch and watches everything threw our apt window. She loves climbing it and digging her nails into it! This tree was a great piece of added furniture that our cat adores. Thanks for the great quality.

Amazed at how sturdy this tree is for its height! - Autumn

I purchased the Toronto cat tree for both my cats. I've had a tree in the past and it was wobbly as was a friends. I was amazed at how sturdy this tree is for its height! It doesn't wobble or sway when the cats jump onto it and play. I am very happy with my purchase!

Very Very Happy!!! - Jennifer

I absolutely love this cat tree and so do my two cats! It is very tall yet very sturdy, allows both my cats lots of room to play and to sleep. I love how even my larger cat can curl up on the top posts and not have half her body hanging over the edge like on their previous cat tree! It was quick and easy to assemble I did it by myself in less that half hour! And the shipping was so fast! Very Very Happy!!! Thank you so much!

The quality and instructions are outstanding! - Silvia

I never write reviews on products as I am rarely impressed. However, in this case, I felt it was important to do so. I just received my Toronto cat tree condo and was pleasantly surprised by how fast shipping was! (less than 5 days). Assembly was less than 20 minutes and the quality and instructions are outstanding! The price is unbeatable and only 1/4 of the cost of pet store models. I am very pleased and will order from little whiskers again in the near future!

I am very pleased - Ben

I am extremely happy with this purchase(Toronto). It arrived quickly and was extremely simple to put together with very detailed direction. I am very happy with the stability as well for the size. We have two seven month old very playful kittens and within in minutes of it being built they were already both launching themselves at it. I was quite surprised that they both took to it so fast as they are usually quite timid toward new things in our house. Apparently it was just what they needed. I am very pleased.

It is well built, easy to assemble and it looks great!!! - Angelica

I was very pleased with the whole experience of purchasing an item online for the first time. The delivery was quick as promised - 3 days to Montreal . As for the product it's self, it is well built, easy to assemble and it looks great!!! We are still waiting for our 2 kittens to arrive but I know they will love it. And last but not least, the price was great. I was a bit weary at first of the quality because of the price but wow! It's really a good find and compared to the pet stores I checked out. They don't even come close. I should have known it's CANADIAN. Great job and keep it up. I will definitely shop her again for my other kitty needs. Thanks again.

The condos fit my adult cat perfectly - Richard. R

I had doubts this tree would be sturdy but it's great my cat is seven pounds and jumps all over it and it barley even shakes. The condos fit my adult cat perfectly. It's worth every cent. Delivery was just what they say.

It is a fantastic buy and I'm so happy with this purchase - Ryan

This cat tree is great! My cat loves to climb it and it's very sturdy. We received it very quickly and it was very affordable (compared to what they charge for smaller ones in pet stores). My only criticism about it is that although the tree affords ample area for my cat to scratch, I find that he is scratching above the scratch rope and ripping out the carpet that is above the rope. If the rope was wrapped all the way to the top then it wouldn't be an issue. Other than that it is a fantastic buy and I'm so happy with this purchase.

I highly recommend Little Whiskers cat tree houses to anyone. - John

I was looking for a cat tree house in the big name pet stores and was unimpressed by the cost of the houses and the poor quality of them. So, I went on line to see if I could find something more substantial. Being a business owner myself I believe in supporting local business and when we found Little Whiskers site I had to go and have a look. Mike the owner was friendly, knowledgeable and produces quality cat tree houses. The prices were more in keeping with what I was willing to spend and our main coon kitten loves his cat condo. And I know when my cat reaches his full size upwards of as much as 30 lbs. Mike's cat tree house will hold up to his weight and not fall over, like many in the chain stores most certainly would have. I highly recommend Little Whiskers cat tree houses to any one looking to purchase one. And I have told numerous family members and our own customers who are cat lovers about Mike and his cat houses.

Amazing customer service! - SK

Amazing customer service!  Received a tree in different color and when notified they sent me a brand new one in the color I originally wanted. Trees are in excellent quality, quite sturdy and can withstand a lot of jumping and playing. Also has reduced the amount of hair around the house dramatically as it stays on that the material the trees are lined with. Great value and a very pleasant surprise in customer service these days.

My 2 cats LOVE it to bits - Rebecca

We are very pleased with our new Toronto Cat tree (in beige). SUPER fast shipping/delivery (arrived in 1.5 days). It was easy to assemble (35 minutes tops and no tools required) and my 2 cats LOVE it to bits. I was concerned that the ledges would be too small for my adult cat (who is 14 lbs), but it hasn't been much of a problem. Since she's such a large kitty, she doesn't fit very well inside the condos but the platforms at the top of the structure easily support her and that's where she prefers to spend all of her time anyway. The only con: there was a slightly strong chemical smell when I first pulled the tree parts out of the box, but, within 24 hours, that smell seems to be gone; it doesn't seem to bother the cats at all. My furkids are very pleased with their present!

We are absolutely impressed by the quality of workmanship - Sophia

We are absolutely impressed by the quality of workmanship. Beautifully done! We love that it is Canadian :):) Our two Maine Coon kitten love their new super soft Toronto condo! We were very very skeptical ordering on line, because one never knows about the quality of the product, but boy were we positively surprised - just amazing workmanship! And shipping was super fast - within 2 days! Anyone ordering from this company will not regret their decision!Highly recommended!

Thanking you again for a very great product - Joe. K - Stoney Creek. ON

I just had to send another review about my Toronto Cat Condo and the great service..The top platform had a bad crack and I called Tue.and WOW!!! Wed I got a new one. I have an older cat and she ignored it for a few days, so we lifted her up into the condos and the different platforms. She now climbs up on the top one to look out the window and spends most of her time there looking out for rabbits birds etc. Thanking you again for a very great product.

Super stable and well-built..…- Patrick. C

I very recently adopted a pair of 4-month old kittens, and wanted to get them a nice big cat tree to play and climb on as they are very high-energy. After checking out all the local stores, I was very unimpressed with the quality, size and prices of the cat trees available. Luckily, a Google search took me to the Little Whiskers website, I was super impressed with the variety and prices of their awesome trees. The free shipping, positive customer reviews, and gallery photos were enough to make me take the plunge, so glad I did! The Toronto made it to Edmonton in 6 business days, and my kittens immediately took to it and absolutely love it! I have it against their favorite window, and this thing is super stable and well-built.....even during super rowdy play sessions, this thing doesn't budge. This tree was such a big hit, that I ordered the Sudbury model a week later. Great company and product, I've got some super happy kittens, thanks!


Very sturdy and easy to put together, can easily handle numerous cats, as we have 7.